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Ungaria, Viena


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in cauza jobului, ani de zile am beneficiat de placeri carnale prin tara vecina si prietena. :roll:


Si acum plang dupa vremurile acelea: fete/ femei frumoase, de toate felurile, la preturi corecte.


Si acum e o destinatie de luat in seama. Cataloage gasiti la:


- cele ce vorbesc alte limbi specifica


- exista varianta in engleza, necesita inregistrare


- pentru cei ce nu se duc pana in Budapesta, gasesc aici oferte excelente la Szeged. Preturile sunt mai mici decat in capitala.



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Minunat. Problema e ca nu inteleg nimic. Daca vorbesti ungureste, da-ne si noua ceva explicatii, respectiv traducerea unor cuvinte.

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Sorry, acum nu am timp, dar voi reveni si o sa bag si un mic dictionar.

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Pentru Budapesta exista un AT de 10 ori mai bun: redzone.hu! Are de toate, e in engleza si fetele isi posteaza pe anunt limba(limbile) in care vorbesc.

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Oameni buni in cateva zile o sa am drum in Budapesta si Viena cu un prieten. Avem la dispozitie 2-3 zile si vrem sa testam marfa. Spuneti-mi va rog daca avetii locatii testate in ambele orase daca stiti cum stau cu preturile etc. Sfaturi etc.

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Daca ajungi in Viena nu ai voie sa ratezi unul dintre cele mai mari pufuri din Europa, Golden Time, au pagina de net www.goldentime.at. De fapt e un Sauna-Club. Intrarea costa 80 de euro iar mai apoi platesti 60 de euro/numar. Ideea e ca e plin de gagici dezbracate care se plimba pe acolo gata sa se bage la pat cu tine. In cei 80 de euro ai inclusa mancare, poti sa faci sauna, sa te relaxezi, sa faci cam ce vrei tu acolo. Eu zic ca n-ai voie sa ratezi ocazia.

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N-am ajuns inca dar am citit tot felul de detalii pe un forum din Austria. Oricum o sa merg shi eu la primul drum prin Viena. Din cate am inteles programul e de dimineata pana noaptea tarziu, dar e bine sa mergi mai pe dupamasa fiindca dimineatza nu e prea multa miscare si sunt putine fete. Important e de stiut ca trebuie sa discuti dinainte clar shi fara rushine cu fetele exact ce fac si ce nu, sa clarifici daca oralu e protejat sau nu (asta depinde de fata), tre sa stii ca finalizarea orala sau pe fatza se plateste extra (alti 60 de euro din cate tin minte). In rest cred ca o sa te descurci mai ales ca sunt o gramada de romance pe acolo si multe din ele sunt chiar destul de apreciate. Daca te porti frumos cu ele o sa-ti raspunda cu aceeasi moneda. Nu e absolut nici o problema daca stai de vorba cu o fata shi nu mergi dupa aceea cu ea in camera, n-o sa se supere pe tine, e chiar recomandat sa le eviti pe cele care vor sa treaca direct la camera. Oricum genul asta de club, FKK la ei, e destul de raspandit mai ales in Germania. Daca ajungi pe acolo exista locatii de genul in cam toate orasele. In Viena mai e unu, se numeste FKK Funpalast, e mai recent deschis shi arata mai bine dar din cate am inteles e mai slab populat.


Despre Budapesta tot de pe forumurile internationale stiu ca sunt multe tzepe iar daca vrei ceva calumea tre sa platesti scump. Deci dupa parerea mea nu merita.


Bafta si neaparat sa ne povestesti cum a fost daca treci prin Viena.

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For starters :




Citeva recenzii GT, decupate cu grija din clasicul indrumar



Golden Time in Vienna


I visited GT in Vienna first time. This is a newbie\'s report.


I arrived at GT around 8 PM and stayed until 1 AM. When I entered the building I spotted about 20 ladies. They appeared to be from EE. with one black lady. The F/M ratio was about 1:1 early in the evening. More customers came in later and became about 1:3 by the time I left.


GT is a standard FKK affair. Entrance fee is 80 Euro, with 60 Euro for 30 min session. A very nice, clean facility with outdoor swimming pool. The pictures in the web site are current. You can get very good idea of the line-ups from the pictures.


I spotted Anna from Romania. Blonde hair and pettie body. Her service included No Kissing and cbj. Rather weak compare to German FKK standard. I would rate her 8/9/6/8 (face/body/service/attitude).


The next session was with Veronika from Bulgaria. Dark hair/dark eyes/pettie body. Her service included No Kissing and bbbj. 8/9/7/8.


The next session was with Carolina from Slovakia. Blonde with more round figure. No Kissing and cbj. 8/7/6/8.


The last session was with Natalie from Bulgaria. Dark hair/dark eyes/incredible body. No Kissing and bbbj. 9/10/7/8.


Overall, it was a fine experience. Compare to the better FKKs in Germany, however, it was less cost/benefit ratio. It seems No Kissing is the standard here. I wonder if fellow hobbists are getting similar experience at GT.


Golden Time-October 2008 report


First time to FKK. Went to Golden Time in Vienna. Got there by public transport (U3 line) and 10 minute walk on Sunday around 1 pm. Entrance fee 80 Euros. Silvia at reception very helpful to show me how the place runs. There were only 2 other customers and about 10 girls, mostly clustered in groups. The Romanians were all in one group (4 of them). I spotted lone Slovakian girl, Zylvia, so I chatted with her. Her English wasn\'t that great so I used my rudimentary German with no problem. Turns out she is a seamstress in Bratislava during the week and moonlight at Goldentime on weekend. She said she was 24 years old, and consistent with appearance. Since this was my first trip to a FKK, I wanted to relax and go relatively slow. In short, I had one session with Zylvia for an hour (starting with mutual massage), CBJ, and sex. No DFK. Her CBJ, however was excellent. (rate was 120/hr). Took a lunch break, caught a nap by the poolside, and returned for second session with Zylvia around. Being a second session, we did same thing but now with extensive DATY (which she enjoyed) and a very thorough and out-to-please CBJ. I came relatively early (45 minutes into session) so we just lay there and relaxed. Overall, I had a great experience with a blond, significantly above average looking Slovakian girl. (I have no way to compare to the wide standards of FKK girls due to limited experience). I would return anytime--thought it was worth my money. Agree that Anna from Romania was my second choice. Petite, pretty (but not beautiful), but I was pretty exhausted so I decided to pass her up this time. For a first timer, this FKK experience was positive. Clean, comfortable and non-pushy environment.


Goldentime and Donau Dolls part I


On a recent visit to Vienna, I visited Goldentime twice and Donau Dolls once. The experience at both clubs did not meet the standard that I experienced at the German clubs that I have visited last year, Samya (Cologne) and Artemis (Berlin). But I would say that, if you happen to find yourself in Vienna, then a visit to Goldentime is worth it and a stop at Donau Dolls might be worth it.


The public facilities at Goldentime are nice but the private rooms are rather spartan, not as nice as those I saw at Samya and Artemis in Germany. There also seemed to be fewer private rooms than at those clubs, which provides a convenient excuse for the girls to rush your session a little since "others are waiting. "


The first girl that I met at Goldentime was Miriam, a shapely, pretty girl from Slovakia who spoke fairly good English. Since the weather was warm, we used one of the outdoor rooms which was kind of fun. I would describe the outdoor rooms as "semi-private" since they are only enclosed only by curtains. My session with Miriam lasted only about 20 minutes but I was satisfied with her service--BBBJ, sex in a few positions and she let me cum on her nice tits at no extra charge.


The second girl that I met at Goldentime was a tall Hungarian girl with nice big natural tits. Her name was some variation of Carol but I can\'t remember exactly how she pronounced it. She wasn\'t as friendly as Miriam, perhaps because her English wasn\'t nearly as good. So I didn\'t really connect with her but I still enjoyed the sex. As with Miriam, she shorted me on the time and wrapped up the session as soon as I had left my calling card on her tits.


The overall quality of the girls was good but there weren\'t as many desirable girls as I saw at Samya and Artemis. Still, I had no problem identifying several that I really liked. I didn\'t meet any Austrian or German girls--all of them seemd to be from Eastern Europe. That\'s a difference from Germany, where you will meet some German girls and they are some of the best.


The facilities were pretty standard--locker room, showers, bar, kino, lots of lounge chairs and sitting areas, small outdoor pool and bar. The private rooms were a disappointment--they reminded me of rooms that you would find in an Asian massage parlor.


So even though the experience wasn\'t fantastic compared to what I experienced in Germany, it was still good and a reasonable value compared to anything in the US.


Goldentime and Donau Dolls part II


On my second night in Vienna, I decided to visit Donaudolls. I took the U6 UBahn line to the Neue Donau station and walked from there. It wasn\'t that hard to find, but I was glad that I had printed out a detailed Google map before setting off on the walk.


I entered the club, paid my entry fee (70 euros, 10 less than Goldentime) and headed for the locker room. The facilities were nice, but the club is not as big and not as nice as Goldentime. The night that I was there turned out to be an extremely slow night. There were only five girls present when I entered and 3 or 4 customers. That was a bad sign, but I had committed to a visit, so I resolved to try to make the best of it.


The quality of the girls was not bad, but they all seemed bored and disappointed by the lack of customers. I spoke to a friendly Romanian girl, but remembering what I had read about Romanian girls, I decided not to make my move with her. A sexy looking, dark-skinned girl who said she was Slovakian (I can\'t remember her name) flirted with me, but I gave her the brush off at first. I was more intrigued by a couple other less aggressive girls, but it turned out they didn\'t speak English. I finally gave in to the Slovakian girl, but once she got me in a private room, she turned out to be a big disappointment. She was way too pro and mercenary. It was clear that she wanted to get me off as quickly as possible and collect her cash. Our session probably lasted only 15 minutes and she left me feeling cheated. Later, I watched her get f*cked by an Asian guy in the kino.


As I was waiting around contemplating whether I should just leave or try another girl, 3 of 5 five girls left because business was so slow. At that point, I decided that it was time for me to go too. There were only 2 girls left--the one who had I had and another girl whose time was almost completely monopolized by a guy who had been there all evening. Strangely, the best looking girl that I saw there was the cleaning girl. She had a very pretty face, long black hair, a great body and a nice smile. I couldn\'t take my eyes of her as she went around cleaning the floors and tidying up. I finally asked the manager if she was available for sex. She said no, she\'s just the cleaning girl. It was very strange to see such an attractive girl doing that job.


It may not be fair to judge this place based on my one experience on a very slow night. Someone else has reported that the club is now under new ownership. The place has potential, but I would say that Goldentime is a much better and safer choice at this time. Luckily, I had one more night in Vienna, and I resolved to return to Goldentime for my last night.


Goldentime and Donau Dolls part III


It was my last night in Vienna and based on my good experience two nights earlier, I returned to Goldentime. By the way, I took public transportation to get there, the S7 S-Bahn train to the Geiselberstrasse stop. From there it\'s less than 1 KM on foot to the address of the club, Karl-Gunsam-gasse 1. You walk down the steps from the S-Bahn station where you will see 4 or 5 roads converging below the station. As you can see from a Google map, you walk up Brehmstrasse through a residential area on your left and an industrial area on your right. Brehmstrasse is to your right as you descend the stairs from the station. Both nights I took a taxi back to my hotel in the center of the city, which cost about 18 euros with tip.


My first encounter of my second night was with "Alice" (huh? ), AKA Christina, a tall attractive blonde from Romania. Yes, Romania. Despite all the bad things that I\'ve read and heard about Romanian girls, Christina charmed me into a session with her. Part of the reason was that she spoke good English and she really was very charming and seductive as we sat and chatted on a couch. I convinced myself that she was the exception to the rule about Romanian girls.


As with Myriam from two nights before we used one of the outdoor rooms that are protected only by curtains. Once we got to the room Christina revealed her true nature, I. E, the typically mercenary Romanian girl that you read about. She was mechanical, impersonal and rushed. She gave me a perfunctory BBBJ and we proceeded straight to sex. I could tell that she was not going to give me good service, so I gave her a good hard pounding in doggie position. At least she didn\'t complain. But her demeanor cut my desire and I asked her if I could finish off with a cumshot on her tits. She asked for 60 euros extra. Yeah, right. I didn\'t want to give her anything, but I said I\'d give her 20 and she agreed. All in all, it was not a good session and it serves me right for picking a Romanian girl. There must be some that are good, but use them at your own risk.


I took awhile to rest and scope out all the girls while I decided on my second course. More and more customers began to arrive and there must have been 50 or more customers by the time I left at 1AM. Two nights before I had noticed another girl with really big natural tits (in addition to the one that I met). I kept track of her for awhile and finally got a chance to approach her. I introduced myself and I was instantly charmed by her (and relieved to learn that she was not Romanian). Her name is Carolina and she is from the Czech Republic. She has a beautiful smile, a pretty face and, oh yeah, those big natural breasts that I love.


We headed for one of the outdoor rooms and once inside, Carolina did not disappoint me. In fact, she exceeded my expectations and turned out to be by far the best girl that I met at either Goldentime or Donaudolls. She spoke very good English and she was interesting to talk to. Here BBBJ skils were outstanding and she took her time with me. While I was f*cking her doggie style, the wind blew up and the curtains started to blow around so that we could see out and others could see in. She wasn\'t bothered by that and neither was I. It was kind of erotic. Of course, I asked her to finish with a cumshot on her tits and she happily obliged me (at no extra charge). After I finished, I thanked her for her great service and I mentioned that I hadn\'t been pleased with my experience with Christina, the Romanian girl. She smiled at me and said "Romanian girls love money and Czech girls love sex. " She couldn\'t have put it better. Needless to say, it was a perfect way to end my brief visit to Vienna.


Originally Posted by CaptRenno


I was there on a Tuesday night from about 10PM until 2AM During that time there were about 20 or 25 girls and about 30 or so clients, so it was a good ratio.


Thanks for the reply CaptRenno.


I ended up going on Weds night before I read your reply. I arrived at about 8pm and was pleased with the number of ladies there; about 15 or so. That number increased to about 25 or so when I left at about 1am.


The quality was high, I defy anyone to go there and not see many ladies that are 8s & 9s. Apart from you chubby chasers, there was nothing for you.


At first I found the whole place terrifying, but went for a dip in the pool firstly to cool down and calm down.


After a couple of beers and a few chats I settled on Jacqueline a sweet young girl originally from Iran. She was fantastic and very service orientated. Later on in the evening she called over and waved to me when she was talking to some other man; surreal but sweet.


A while later when recovering on one of the loungers I was "assulted" by one of the many Bulgarians working there. I forget her name but she was quite dark and said her father was Cuban. I wasn\'t very keen as she screamed of bad time ahead, but she came on very strong there and then "arousing" my interest. Once in the private room. As expected. She just tried to make me cum as soon as possible. So I made sure I didn\'t and gave it to her harder than she wanted


Finally I went with a Hungarian named Dora. She was incredibly statuesque, elegant, and older looking but with an incredible body. She looked as if she\'d be good and she was good. She took me into the Kino and gave great DFK and BBBJ. Her breasts were not well done though, easy to feel the silicon. The one downside of the night though was the condom split during doggie. She wasn\'t concerned but it worried me. Are the girls coming from abroad subject to the same health checks as the Austrian girls? In order to work in an Austrian club I presume and hope this is the case.


Anyhow, it was an amazing experience but probably a one off for me. I think I need to turn over a new leaf, this kind of stuff just takes over otherwise.



Un posibil loc de pierzanie :


Juchgasse 11


Arrived in Vienna today and I wanted to try Juchgasse 11 which by chance was not far from my hotel.


The place is easy to find, just follow direction included in the site

(it is in German, but not difficult to navigate).


There are about 20 small flats and in each a girl is working. Buzz one of them and the girl will open the main door. On each door there are pictures of the girl working there and her name.


I went for Rina, from Bali cause I have a soft spot for Oriental. The picture on the web site is real, actually she is even prettier than that picture. 30 (she will be 30 this november).


Price asked 150 for one hour.


I told her half an hour would be enough and she asked 100 euro.


After some negotiations, always in a light tone and never too pushy, she agreed for 70.


BJ and FS were ok-ish, nothing to tell home about though.


On the other hand she is chatty (good comand of English and German) and a good laugh.


All in all a pleasant experience. Pity she will go back to Indonesia at the end of the month.


Didnt try any of the other girls but I suppose rates and quality is comparable.




Si un altul :


Dear All,


After my experience reported below I felt the need to see something more upscale and found a great girl! Maria, who is located in a studio at Sedlitzkygasse 47, Top 5.


These pictures do not do her justice, she looks like a model, maybe 175 cm high, perfect perky tits, soft skin and very long legs.


I booked her for half an hour for 120 Euro and the show started, true GFS experience, kissing, cuddling teasing, nice BBBJ, DATY at the freshly shaved pussy and great sex, all it takes! No rush, just felt good all the time. Highly recommended! In the same appartment are two more girls, both very pretty.


Not cheap, but in my opinion good value for the money.


Have fun,




De acelasi autor :


For the guys on budget and suspense

Hi All,


Another businees trip with some private time brought me to Vienna again and after a no-show of an escort last night I was frustrated and wanted to get off, quick, dirty, dodgy and straight forward.


So I went to Palffygasse 20A, a studio with six girls for the time I went. Well, studio is maybe not the exact name you would use when you are used to the more upscale locations in Vienna or elsewhere, but it is called like this for legal reasons. In fact it is kind of a strange, but amazing location. I entered and five girls paraded in front of me, all of them between a 4 and a 7, maybe even 8, all young, nice and firm bodies in bikinis. On offer was: 30 Euro for a BBBJTC, 50 for half hour for BBBJ and BBFS(two services included), all holes open by any of the girls, 80 Euro for a full hour (as many services included as possible), all bareback, or 80 Euro for two girls for half an hour. Well, I was a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of offers and decided to go for half an hour with what I thought was the most beautiful, a 165 tall, black haired with a lovely body and teeny tits to die for.


So, off we went. Off to? Well, behind a curtain in an area with two curtains separating two service areas from each other. I realised immediately that behind the curtain, which is a little transparent, some bloke was working on the number six who did obviously not present herself in the parade because of beeing barebacked (which I found out soon, just read). I found it more stimulating than anything else and got undressed, so did my girl. After she has pushed a cat away from the bed and put some semi-fresh linen on it she immediately started tongue kissing me, followed by a move down to my little one, which was in fact not little anymore. She gave me a very good BBBJ while I had a finger up her pussy and one up her ass while listening to the guy and the girl behind the curtain how they went along. Quite special. After some sucking I decided to ask her to ask for a second girl, which she did loudly through the curtains immediately in whatever language and seconds after, all the other four girls from the beginning, plus the one from "next-curtain" stood in front of me looking at us. A bit puzzled about the situation I could not let my eyes from the "new" girl who was completely naked with a towel between her legs and I asked for her to join us. She smiled and said she goes to clean up, because the other guy has just shot a load into her. This turned me on in this weird situation and I asked her to just join as she was. The others left us alone in our "behind-the-curtain-privacy" and I asked them to do a double blow job. But business first, I had to get up and give them 30 extra Euros. Well, I ended up having two girls all over me, one sucking my cock, one tongue kissing and stroking me and me feeling like an octopus having many fingers in many different openings of two girls, all was allowed, finger in the ass, pussy and whereever. They asked me if I wanted to fuck in any opening, but I was to scared in this situation and ended up coming in one mouth.


They took care of me, cleaned me with a tissue and we started talking while another customer was doing his job "next-curtain" with another lady, soon again they started again with kisses and beeing down at my cock while I did not hesitate to use my fingers all over and in them, again I did not want to fuck, even though I was very tempted to put my cock bare in one of the four remaining openings which I did not try, I could have used a condom obviously, but this I did also not want. So it ended with a CIM in the other girl this time, no rush, but just a smile. Off they went through the curtain and I was enriched with another outstanding experience in my life. I had six holes bareback on offer, just used two with my cock, had my fingers in all of them and will for sure return, maybe after another more upscale experience. After reading this it sounds all a bit like a bad movie from the Cohen bothers, but it was exactly happening as described, including the cat.


But hey, where can you have two girls for half an hour, including two shots in Europe? If you know any other place please do not hesitate to let me know.


Have fun and play it safe,



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Trista concluzie in urma lecturii savantelor recenzii...SI LA CURVE SUNTEM DE RASU\' LUMII... :evil: :evil: :evil:

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interesanta modalitatea de notare, poate ar trebui sa o preluam si noi pe forum.


/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20"> oricum nu am de gand sa "cunosc" acolo romance! :roll:

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Frati confutaciosi, am revenit pe plaiuri mioritice! Lasati-mi putin timp sa va detaliez (s)excursia! Pe scurt:


- Ungaria - tzepe multe, trebuie sa fii atent. Budapesta oras european, Pesta comparabil cu orasele din vest, dar la curve mentalitate balcanica, sex-cluburi ca la noi - "vin cu tine, dar stai sa bem" - a se traduce "iti iau toti banii, si-ti dau viteza la final"


- Austria/ Vienna - FABULOS!

- Cluburi de noapte - preturi afisate sau vorbite corect, fara abureli balcanice!

- GOLDEN TIME - Best Top Quality Price Atitudine ... orice vreti voi! Corecta remarca de mai sus: "stam prost si la femei". Stam prost inclusiv la cati bani dam pentru plata!

Incorect ce spun strainii despre romancele noastre de acolo. Trebuie sa vorbesti, sa le implici, sa fii baiat, sa le tratezi cum le tratezi pe femei - nu ca pe niste curve slabe - cum fac ei. A doua seara cand am ajuns la Golden Time Sauna, toate romancele au izbucnit in urale la aparitia noastra, eram brusc niste VIPuri invidiati de straini!

Conceptul de la Golden Time e "Sauna\', nu \'Puff\' - care este intalnit in cluburi si unde si amenda e mai mare - va voi povesti!

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Il stiu pe cel din KLAGENFURT, experienta super interesanta, doar ca trebuie sa devii membru sau sa te duci cu un membru inregistrat. Din zvonistica se aude ca si un "business man" de-al nostru (nu spun cine, nashu lu Mutu

:twisted: ) este actionar. Fetele pot castiga orice concurs de miss univers.

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